Due to multifold increase in consumption of electrical energy in every field, there is need for safety against short circuit and overload currents, hence the usage of MCB and Isolators in any of power distribution network is necessitated.

GECO DISTRIBUTION BOARDS offer an economical and practical solution to the consultants/designer's problem of providing comprehensive solution in a demanding situation with its unique salient features and widest range:

  • Boards are made of special grade CRCA steel sheets and thermoplastics to provide longer life to enclosures and protection against all type of weather conditions.
  • Enclosures are phosphatised through eight-tank process to ensure thick and smooth coating of phosphates scaled with chromatic layer to ensure strong paint adhesion to the surface to make it rust-retardant in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

  • Boards are painted with latest techniques in powder coating using epoxy-polyester resin based powder-paints to ensure strong, scratch resistant coating.
  • The current carrying parts are made of electrolytic grade of copper and are over rated to carry high currents, keeping temperature rise and distribution losses very low.
  • Copper bus-bar per-phase according to number of outgoings sufficient to carry 100/200 Amp. current load.
  • Special incoming Brass terminals to ensure perfect connections of incoming cable with the bus bars.
  • Brass Neutral Bars isolated and insulated from the enclosures with suitable cross sectional area.
  • Earth Bars for better & firm earthing to facilitating individual earthings for each outgoing terminals.
  • Din Rails to facilitate easy and fast mounting of MCBs & load-Isolators etc. as per IS:11039.
  • Circuit identification chart, circuit numbering and circuit nomenclature slickers are provided for all types of SP&N and TP&N Distribution Boards.