GECO Heavy Duty Combination FSU comes with & without High Rupturing Cartridge (HRC) Fuses and having best working results on Industrial & heavy installations. These switches are suitable for surface mounting, having double break isolation which enables incoming supply to be connected to either bottom ortop terminals.

Specification: IS 13947/1993

Cat. of Utilization : AC-23A & AC-22B

Range : 63A, TO 100 AMP /240V (SPN & DP)
           16 A 200AMP / 415V (TP & TPN)

  • Hard Bright Tin plated terminals for high conductivity & long life.
  • Connecting Terminals are of strip design, suitable for cable lugs.
  • Quick make & break mechanism independent of speed of operating handle
  • Door interlocking system provided to avoid accidental opening.
  • Suitable for uninterrupted duty.
  • Sheet steel Cable End Boxes are available on request.
  • Four Pole double break switches are available on request.