GECO isolators are designed in two type of housings. One is in same housing of MCBs without tripping characteristics, other one is heavy duty type for higher ratings i.e. 100 Amps. which are capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal and abnormal conditions. These isolators are mainly used as main incomer to MCB Distribution Boards.

: 40 Amps. 63 Amps. and 100 Amps.

Specifications : Conform to IS:13947/1993


  • Available in red knob for easy identification.
  • Compact Modular design to fit on standard 35 mm2 DIN Rail Channel.
  • Positive ON-OFF indication.
  • Available in SP, DP,TP& FP versions.
  • Shrouded terminals with 35 / 50 mm2.