GECO offers a complete range of heavy duty LT control switches, ideal for all types of small drives for direct switching and control of single /three phase AC motors.
Design: Compact, high making and breaking capacity, long mechanical and contact life (Silver contacts are provided) and handy for effective control of repeat switching operations of motors.
Ratings:  25A&32A

Range: ON-OFF Switches (DP & TP), Reversible Switches (TP), Change Over Switches (DP & FP) All versions are in same design, and available in open type as well as in sheet steel powder painted enclosures.



  • Ideal for installation on machine tools.
  • Moulded handle can be fixed in any of the 16 different positions by loosening the cap screw to suit mounting requirements.
  • Switches are suitable for reliable, safe starting and stopping of three phase AC motors even under heavy starting current upto 10 times and locked rotor
  • Suitable for frequency of operation upto 200 switching cycles per hour.
  • Terminals are suitable upto 4 sq. mm cables.