GECO providing an effective & safe way to control on power for repeated switch operations in the field of domestic, industrial and agricultural applications through its range of SFUs with rewireable type porcelain fuse units. These switches are suitable for surface mounting and come with its quick make & break mechanism, which helps to minimise the arcing. Interlocking system is also provided to avoid accidental opening cover while switch is in 'ON' position.

Specification : IS:10027/2000 & IS: 13947/1993

Cat. of Utilization:
AC-22B & AC-23A

Range : 16A TO 100 AMP / 240 V (SPN & DP)
            16A T0200AMP/415V(TP& TPN)
Salient Features
  • Enclosures are made of special grade CRCA sheet-steel, duly phosphatised and powder painted to ensure strong & scratch resistant coatings.
  • Live parts are made of high conductivity electrolytic copper/brass with hard bright tin plating.
  • Conduit knock-outs/detachable gland plates are provided at top & bottom for cable entry.
  • Conversion of re-wireable type to HRC type & vice versa is possible simply by replacing the fuse carrier.
  • Cable terminals designed to accommodate aluminium / copper conductors.
  • Two external earthing terminal are provided to ensure complete earthing